DIY Spot-welder, part 2

Found some lugs, found the starter relay, and cut one of the leads from the secondary to hook it up: Next I started looking at the control board, and it occurs to me that I want all of this stuff in an enclosure of some kind, but I need to be able to access the […]

DIY Spot-welder, part 1

I’ve watched a bunch of YouTube videos on the subject, narrowed my approach down to two methods, and I may end up building both. One involves a rewound transformer salvaged from an old microwave oven, and the other a really big capacitor. I already have the transformer, so that’s where I will start. Step one […]

Long time, no post. Still lame!!

Well. Almost two years without posting anything. I’ve been working on projects, honest I have… Like the clock I found at Goodwill and turned into an old-time internet radio thingy: And the jaws I built for the jaw-less vise I found for fifteen bucks at the local surplus store: And my latest obsession is building […]