Long time, no post. Still lame!!

Well. Almost two years without posting anything. I’ve been working on projects, honest I have…

Like the clock I found at Goodwill and turned into an old-time internet radio thingy:

And the jaws I built for the jaw-less vise I found for fifteen bucks at the local surplus store:

And my latest obsession is building lithium-ion battery packs from reclaimed 18650 battery cells:

Sharp-eyed viewers will notice something missing. That’s right, the nickle-clad strips that should connect the cells to each other are absent. Why you ask? Well, I seem to lack a spot-welder to attach said strips to the cells. Sure, I could purchase one on Amazon, but this is supposed to be a low-budget project, not to mention I am a tight-wad. So the next project in the pipeline? You guessed it, baby, a DIY spotwelder, crafted from a transformer ripped from the bowels of a dead microwave and, uh, transformed to meet my spot-welding needs and desires. Stay tuned!