Not sure what’s going on with my spinach, in the last week and a half, both of the seedlings have just keeled over. Shock from the transplanting, perhaps? I stuck some more seeds down in the grow media, and they are just starting to poke their leaves out, so there is hope yet. The Salad […]

‘tater time!

The other day I was cutting up some red potatoes for some dish I was cooking, and decided to save the end off of one of them, which happened to have a couple of nice eyes on it. I threw it in a flower pot full of potting soil and started watering it and a […]

Salad update

I’ve got the seedlings transplanted to the coco-coir filled net pots which are suspended in coffee cans full of homemade hydroponic solution. I need to get some real hydroponic fertilizer, but for now I’m using distilled water and some Dollar Store plant food, Epsom Salts, and calcium acetate that I made by dissolving eggshells in […]

Mr. Green Thumb, maybe?

So I said I was thinking about messing around with some hydroponics, and I totally wasn’t kidding. About a week ago I started some Lavewa spinach and some Mesclun lettuce, here’s how they are looking this morning: Hmm, could be time to water the spinach, it’s there on the left. A couple of days ago […]