Mini Dob update

Fairly clear skies last night, so I took the Dob out for a test viewing. I found that the bolts I was worried about hitting when adjusting the telescope up and down were the least of my worries. I think they only hit once or twice, and even then they weren’t too jarring because the […]

Long time, no post. Still lame!!

Well. Almost two years without posting anything. I’ve been working on projects, honest I have… Like the clock I found at Goodwill and turned into an old-time internet radio thingy: And the jaws I built for the jaw-less vise I found for fifteen bucks at the local surplus store: And my latest obsession is building […]

I’m lame

So I was going to document the project I posted about back in November, but I got so wrapped up in building and coding it, that I barely remembered to take pictures of the process. So here’s what I did: I found a replica of an old Gothic arch radio, and gutted it. It had […]