Hall Sensor test.

The Hall Sensor finally showed up from China, and I wasted no time in rigging up a redneck gizmo out of cardboard to test it: The Arduino is now reading the pulses from the Hall Sensor (rather than the pushbutton I was using before), and converting to MPH. All other values on the display are […]

‘tater time!

The other day I was cutting up some red potatoes for some dish I was cooking, and decided to save the end off of one of them, which happened to have a couple of nice eyes on it. I threw it in a flower pot full of potting soil and started watering it and a […]

ATX Breakout Box

Working on these Arduino projects has left me wanting/needing a bench power supply, but I'm finding those things to be fairly pricey. Watching YouTube one day, I ran across a bunch of people that were hacking apart old ATX power supplies salvaged from discarded PCs, and breaking out the various voltages that are produced. “Brilliant!” […]