Not sure what’s going on with my spinach, in the last week and a half, both of the seedlings have just keeled over. Shock from the transplanting, perhaps?

I stuck some more seeds down in the grow media, and they are just starting to poke their leaves out, so there is hope yet. The Salad Bowl lettuce is looking good, tho’.

I was cutting up a Roma tomato the other day, and stuck some of the seeds straight into some moist coco-coir in a net pot, and just set it in some water. As you can see, they are taking off:

I also made a change to the nutrient solution I am using. I took a look down into one of the coffee cans and noticed that most of the dollar store fertilizer I had put in there had failed to dissolve, so I bought some Miracle-Gro and put a bit of that into each one of them. Hopefully that will help them take off and grow like mad.