DIY Spot-welder, part 2

Found some lugs, found the starter relay, and cut one of the leads from the secondary to hook it up:

Next I started looking at the control board, and it occurs to me that I want all of this stuff in an enclosure of some kind, but I need to be able to access the board if I need to adjust the length of the pulse. Problem is, it is not suited for panel mounting at all:

Rooting around in my junk drawer, I found a bit of left over plexiglass that I can mount the control board to using some standoffs:

After taking some measurements, I started crafting an enclosure from some thin plywood. All I can say is I am in no way a woodworker. Good thing this is for utilitarian purposes rather than decorative:

Got some holes drilled and a cutout for the display and did a test fitting:

I had intended to just hot glue the plexiglass behind the cutout, but I found the display looked better when the plexiglass was outside the enclosure, so I think I’ll trim it down to a thin frame, and just superglue it on the outside.