ATX Breakout Box

Working on these Arduino projects has left me wanting/needing a bench power supply, but I'm finding those things to be fairly pricey. Watching YouTube one day, I ran across a bunch of people that were hacking apart old ATX power supplies salvaged from discarded PCs, and breaking out the various voltages that are produced. “Brilliant!” […]

Cleanup on aisle 5…

Spent the morning cleaning up the code, changing all the “button” references to “sensor” for that eventual day when I get an actual sensor, and started fiddling about with the other three values that are going to show up on the display, namely system voltage, water temperature and oil pressure. It was in doing these […]

Learning to talk to the display

Figuring out how to talk to the display, and get the MPH to actually display where I want it to. This is try number three or four, and it’s starting to look good. I couldn’t push the button quite fast enough this time to get a two digit MPH, but I did figure out how […]

Solder time!

My cheap little display came without the headers attached, so it’s time to get soldering. My Grandpa would be so proud. And… It’s alive!!!

More goodies

Got a package from China in the mail yesterday. No sensors yet, just the second Arduino and more LEDs, switches and wires and such. Also included in this package was a 16 x 2 LCD display, so this weekend I get to figure out how to send text to it rather than to the serial […]

Code change

Updated the relevant bit of code to reflect the actual distance, and changed it from int to float: const float distance = 23.5; // distance covered by the vehicle for every revolution of the drive line I left the MPH variable as int, so that should take care of rounding off the decimals for me. […]

The wheels on the bus go round and round…

Got an email from my dad this morning, he went out to the shop and measured the forward travel on the old Dodge and found it is 23.5" per revolution of the drive line. A bit higher than the ideal 17", but workable. It occurred to me overnight that doubling the sampling rate and dividing […]

Arduino auto gauge project

I’m trying to build a set of digital gauges for an old Dodge pickup with a donor engine that does not have ODB II. I’ve been wanting to learn how to program Arduinos, and this seemed like the perfect project for it. I’ve ordered a couple of Arduinos and some parts, but they are all […]